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About Paris

Paris can be seen as one of the most interesting cities in Europe, if not the world. Please travel from all over the world to Paris to discover and experience this fairy-tale like city. Paris is the city of love, inspiration, art, and the center of fashion. The night scene, and the Eiffel tower, along with the warm atmosphere, will make you feel at home. Paris has a lot of interesting architecture and museums to offer, and is also a mecca for shopaholics. A city such as Paris is one that everyone should visit and experience.

Getting Here


By Air or Train

There are direct flights to Paris Airport (CDG) from just about every country in the world. If you're already in Europe, you also have the option of taking a train.

Once you arrive in Paris, hop on the train to connect anywhere in the city.


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Jason - 25 April 2017 -


I visited Paris in late November, 2016. The weather was a bit cold, but it was really great!

Everyone I met was really friendly and the food was incredible. I'd highly recommend visiting Sacre-Coeur in the early morning to watch the sun-rise. There is a fantastic view of the city.

Susan L. - 24 April 2017 -

Susan L.

We returned about a week ago from probably our best trip ever - a river cruise (about 110 passengers) from Paris north to Honfleur on the Seine river. We had been to Paris about 5 years ago but we went a couple of days early on our own and then boarded the boat there where we stayed in Paris a couple more days. We had a fantastic trip to France and I even brought home a "French" cold which started the day before we flew home.

Our hotel, Hotel du Quai Voltaire right on the Seine across from the Louvre Museum, was so central to everything and we walked, walked, walked - 8 miles the day we arrived (we always convert to time zone where we are immediately). We were fortunate to get reservations before we left US at Les Bouquinistes, a Guy Savoy restaurant/bistro. It was fabulous and also steak frites at Relais De L'Entrecote at 15 rue marbeuf which was an amazing experience - wonderful steak with a special green sauce.

We had breakfast at Cafe de Flore which many years ago the famous intellectual crowd frequented. We walked through the Tuileries Garden on our way to stroll the Champs Elysees and see the Arc de Triomphe. The smallish towns along the way were great as were Rouen and Honfleur, both a little larger. Rouen is where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake. We visited Giverny and Monet's house there as well as the little village where Van Gogh lived near the end of his life and where he is also buried alongside his brother Theo.

From beautiful Honfleur, our last stop before returning to Paris, we visited the D-Day beaches which was quite a moving experience. They planned a short ceremony for us at the American cemetery and gave us each a long-stemmed rose to place on any gravesite we chose. There was a handful of veterans with our group so it was extra special for them. We visited the German gunnery sites and walked all around them - only a couple now intact - an eerie feeling. I walked down under one of them to the area called their dormitory where they either slept and/or stored munitions. Then on our way back to Paris we stopped for a couple of hours in Caen at the Peace Museum - an amazing place where we could easily have spent a couple of days.

Our trip was a fascinating exploration of a beautiful country.

Marion Owen - 21 April 2017 -

Marion Owen

Europe Here We Come!

In May of 2014 my daughter (51), grand-daughter (19) and me (71) took off on a grand adventure- Our first trip to Europe! For various health reasons, we decided to plan and travel on our own instead of trying to keep up with a tour group. I spent months researching sights,travel guides (we liked Rick Steves travel books), hotels,transportation and languages. We decided to go for the Big Three London, Paris and Rome.

We flew for about 10 hours overnight from Tennessee to Charlotte NC to London.

It was a nice flight ,economy a little tight leg wise but no problems at airports. Watching movies made time pass quickly, too exited to sleep! Arrived London 8:00 in morning, Heathrow airport is huge and long lines checking passports. We stayed at a great hotel the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge with a view of the bridge, Parliment, Big Ben and the London Eye.(We are not rich but splurged on hotels close to sights, safer areas, being three ladies. We loved London to our surprise, it was our favorite! We toured Harry Potter movie studios, Rock and Roll and Beatles haunts, Kensington Palace, had high tea, saw The Phantom of the Opera at its original theater and Buckingham Palace. We want to go back ,as four days was not enough time.

Next we took the super fast train to Paris, under the English Channel, really neat trip. Hotel in Paris was walking distance to Eiffel Tower, but expensive and small rooms and unfriendly, Mercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel Hotel. The Pullman next door looked better,we ate at their restaurant serveral times. Paris is known for pick-pockets so beware.Buy travel purses or wallets before going. Art museums and sights lovely, Versailles a great day trip, very big and crowded but worth it. The Moulon Rougue show was very good. We stayed three days then took a very reasonable fight to Rome.

In Rome we stayed up on a hill overlooking the city with a beautiful view at the Waldorf Astoria, again it was worth every penny! Took Dark Tours tour to Vatican and St Peters and had a wonderful guide. She held my hand at times if I had trouble keeping up. We went on our own on Wednesday to see the Pope speak, he was inspiring. We scheduled a tour of inside the Collosium but that guide (Viator tours) took off so fast we gave up! You can walk around outside free anyway. Rome was dirty and people try to get money out of you but sights are wonderful. We stayed three daysbut loved getting back to our hoteleach night and ate out by the pool the buffet breakfast was fabulous. In all 3 cities we used taxis or buses, as we are not used to subways.

This trip was a lifelong dream and to take it with my daughter and grand-daughter made memories to last forever for all of us. All I can say is do it!